Cheerleading Self Confidence For Cheerleaders
For Female Cheerleaders Only!



How To Overcome and Banish Fear, PRESSURE, Low Self Confidence Issues, Self Doubt, Anxiety, Nervousness, Mental Blocks, Stage Fright, Distractions, Lack of Focus, Fear of Injury, Making Mistakes, Self Esteem  And Self Doubt

For Cheerleading


Perform With Ultra High Levels of Spirit and CONFIDENCE, Focus
Captivate Your Audience, Sparkle
and Move Like a Professional Cheerleader!

What is it that successful cheerleaders have that you don’t?

They MIGHT have better looks, more experience, better spirit, better connections or good luck. They might have better back hand springs, round offs, jumps, stunts and other moves...

But chances are  that what they REALLY  have is a very high level of SELF-CONFIDENCE, SELF ESTEEM and a LASER LIKE FOCUS!

Some would say that they have stronger mental toughness or a stronger mental game.

This is true because without a very high level of self confidence, self esteem and the ability to stay focused,none of those other things matter.

So if you  are being held back by feelings of fear, self doubt, lack of focus, feeling inadequate, fear of being injured or reinjured or  other unsupportive thoughts and emotions…

Here Is The Solution That YOU Need!

How Would You Like to Have Incredible Self Confidence For The Rest of Your Life that you can use for every aspect of cheerleading, school, social situations, work, relationships and in every other area of your life  so that you can instantly "flip a switch," drop your baggage, flip off unsupportive feelings of fear, negativity, anxiety, hesitation and distracting feelings and thoughts


Almost magically after you listen to this CD or mp3. All you do is

Use Hypnosis To Harness Your Minds Power

You will feel self-confident.

You will perform with SPIRIT.

You will feel focused and "in the zone"

You will overcome any mental blocks that are holding you back.

You will eliminate negative self talk and replace it with positive self-talk and positive feelings.

You will be bold, brave and confident in all of your gymnastics moves including all of your tumbling, handsprings, splits, flips, rolls  and all of your moves.

You will enjoy making eye contact with judges and your audience.

You will keep a positive attitude and a  wonderful cheer smile.

You will have graceful high kicks.

Your movements will be clean, sharp, strong and on count.

You will always execute  your routines cleanly and precisely, with  confidence, poise, grace, showmanship, skill, proper technique and execution.

You will jump high as if on a trampoline.

You will always keep a positive attitude.

You will hold your position with grace and strength.

You will Sparkle! You Will Shine!

By learning to tap into the hidden GIRL Power that lies deep within your powerful female mind


But without it every cheerleader has had this happen to them.

Your hands begin to tremble,  your throat gets dry, you think everyone is looking at you and notices your flaws…you break out in a sweat, freeze up and suddenly you have to run to a restroom.





You are  focused on messing up, getting hurt, reinsured or ridiculed and so you FREEZE UP.

But What If It Were All Different? 

What if instead you simply snapped your fingers and a "switch" went off  deep inside your mind and instead of feeling nervous, anxious and fearful, you instantly felt excited, totally confident, reassured, wonderful, empowered, happy, and mentally calm.

You were smiling.  You performed with Spirit, Excellent Showmanship and you dazzled them with your  dynamic, skills


Simply listen at bedtime with or without headphones. You can listen to the DOWNLOAD OR  CD or you can dub it onto your mp3 player, pnone computer, Ipod etc. You will quickly drift off into a wonderful relaxed state of mind known as hypnosis and then you will eventually drift into natural sleep. You will also sleep wonderfully all night long and you will wake up in the morning feeling wonderful, energetic, focused and empowered with confidence. The CD or mp3 plays for approximately 40 minutes and during this time you will hear my soft gentle soothing, relaxing voice speaking to you while soothing piano and guitar music plays gently in the background.

Here’s What Will Happen To YOU!

While in hypnosis, you will access the hidden power  deep within your subconscious mind that turns fear and anxiety into confidence and power.

I will give your subconscious mind wonderful suggestions for having UNSTOPPABLE SELF CONFIDENCE, ultra high levels of self esteem, spirit, and laser like focus. You will stand taller, radiate confidence, and beauty,  feel poised,  attract people to you be your very best in cheerleading and in your daily life.  You will also visualize and mentally rehearse every aspect of your routine so that you  deliver it perfectly.

When you first start using this program you should listen every night for 30 nights in a row  and always the night before practice, competition, try-outs or any sort of performance.  However most girls begin to feel, think and behave more confidently starting immediately both in cheerleading and in everyday life.

Your Dynamic, Dazzling Show!

When its time for you to perform you will  find that you will automatically feel and look confident and you will perform with CONFIDENCE and SPIRIT!

It does not matter if you are performing in practice, at a game or in competition.

YOU will quickly and easily have great success with this amazing program.

You will overcome any mental blocks that are holding you back.

You will always execute  your skill cleanly and precisely.

You will jump high as if on a trampoline.

You will always keep a positive attitude.

You will hold your position with grace and strength.

You will Create Your Future! Instead of just getting what comes to you.

You will condition yourself for success! Because you will think positively and optimistically and confidently all the time.

You will overcome fear of failure! Because you will be totally focused on a positive outcome with cheerleading and with everything else.

You will feel, look, behave  and make decisions from a place of total self confidence because a program called TOTAL SELF CONFIDENCE will be running through your head!

Why Should You Get This Mp3 / CD Program

Created by  Peak Performance Sports Hypnotherapist Chris Cady. This Self Confidence  For Cheerleaders Program has improved the lives of girls and women  of all ages.  

Here is why it will
work for YOU too

For years I have worked with athletes in every sport.  I never thought that I would be working with cheerleaders.

While I know that it is dangerous for me to admit this and by doing so this I could easily provoke hundreds of angry cheerleaders to march their way to my sports center and beat me to death with their pom poms, I will risk life and limb and even a possible gelding and I will be honest here. I will do something that most men will never do. I will admit I was wrong!

You see, until cheerleaders found their way to me, I actually never thought of cheerleading as a sport. I always thought of it as entertainment. Just like the school marching band. Sort of a side show that girls did to keep the audience / fans excited and to support football and basketball at games and at a school pep rally. I always thought of it as interactive choreographed dancing and cheering. I never really thought about cheerleaders basically being "cheering, dancing gymnasts" with the flips, cartwheels, tumbling, handsprings, drills and stunts, the incredible balance, flexibility, strength etc that it took to be a cheerleader. And I never knew that it was actually competitive.  I had no idea that there were cheerleading competitions.  But I'm a guy, and we think differently about things then women do. ( But I can learn)

Then, here is what happened:

Like I said earlier. I mostly work with athletes, and at the time all of them were male.


One day a female gymnast came to me with her father because she had made a "face plant" off of a bar and ended up with a terrible, paralyzing  fear of becoming re-injured. It was a mental block. Using hypnosis I was able to get her to focus on success and on what she wanted instead of on failure and what she didn't want. By doing this  she  IMMEDIATELY dissolved this mental block, overcame this  fear and began to compete with success again. 

almost magical things happen.
The Universe Sent Me More Women.

There seems to be something magical that happens when you do something really nice for someone that  dramatically changes their life. It seems like an invisible message gets sent out into the world and more people who need you  somehow magically flock to you. This is exactly what happened. It's as if "Sports Illustrated For Women" ran an article on how I help female athletes and sent it to every female athlete on the planet.

Suddenly more female athletes from a variety of sports including track, volleyball,  soccer, gymnastics, softball, boxing, basketball, swimming, golf, tennis, fencing, and bowling... Followed by female singers and dancers. They all  came to me seeking help with a variety of, "mental game" issues. Most of which were related to self confidence, focus and performance anxiety. ( pre-competition anxiety)  (pre-game jitters) aka stage fright.

Then one day a mother of a female athlete also had another daughter who was involved with cheerleading contacted me because  her cheerleader had basically become overwhelmed with  pre-competition anxiety  / pre-game jitters / stage fright and became paralyzed with FEAR.  It was basically due to  an overwhelming amount of   PRESSURE and criticism by the coach, other cheerleaders on her squad and probably her overbearing momma.

In a nutshell, I used a very similar hypnosis process with her to the one that I use with female athletes and voila, her problem was solved and she became a success in cheerleading.

Soon after, several cheerleaders contacted me for help as well. Some of them came to me because they  totally lacked self confidence, some were very nervous before cheerleading try-outs and competitions and they would freeze up, go blank and forget their routine. Some had had taken a bad fall or got dropped while doing a routine and had become so fearful that they would freeze up.  Some had other "mental toughness" or self confidence and focus issues.

In the beginning, as a man, some of the things that cheerleaders get mentally thrown off by seemed completely trivial and very odd to me. ( Now I'm used to it)  If a cheerleader  had issues with her hair,chipped a nail or ripped her tights or a legging  it would throw of her focus and she would think everyone  in the football stadium was looking at her.  If someone made even the slightest negative comment about  a cheerleader she'd  be completely frazzled.   If a girl had any sort of issue with another member on the cheerleading squad it seemed like they couldn't stay in sync or on count with each other.   I quickly learned that  "fear"   "hurt feelings"  and even minor injuries could really destroy a cheerleaders ability to perform.

It took me a while to figure out how to deal with all of these emotional issues and self confidence and focus issues  that  female cheerleaders have  and that  female athletes and male athletes who play traditional sports do not. 

What is important, and what benefits you and your daughter is that I did figure it out and ended up helping lots of cheerleaders of all ages and skill levels.

Because I have a regular  hypnosis business and because many cheerleaders  are contacting me are from far away I decided to create a program that cheerleaders can use in the privacy of their own home.  The  MP3 CD of course is called, "THE Ultimate Super Self Confidence For
Cheerleaders CD"

The price makes using this program quite affordable and you don't have to have all of the expense and time in getting here.

Designed 100% Specifically For
Female Cheerleaders Only

This program is for  female  cheerleaders only! It is NOT for guy cheerleaders  because I use words, feelings and scenarios that are specifically selected to ignite the feelings and emotions that are specific to young women. If you are a guy cheerleader and you are reading this this program is still not for you.  It is for GIRLS ONLY!


This  amazing MP3 or CD comes with an unlimited NO QUESTIONS ASKED MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. IF AT ANY TIME EVER and If for any reason you feel that this CD does not give you all of the SELF CONFIDENCE, SELF ESTEEM, SPIRIT AND IMPROVEMENT  THAT YOU WANT both with your cheerleading and in your everyday life.
Simply return it and I will refund 100% of the purchase price. (minus shipping and handling) 

I can offer you this  guarantee because I am 100%  confident that it will work for you!
All that I ask is that you  buy it with good faith and good intent and don’t use me as a lending library.
You will  spend hundreds of dollars on  hair, makeup, teeth whitener, uniforms, classes, props, exercise, diet and coaching.  All of those things will help you with the physical side of cheerleading and will only get you so far. But spending money and time working on the mental side of cheerleading  will propel you to where you want to be as a cheerleader in record time.

After all
your mind controls your body.

Your mind has the power to give you the results that you want… USE IT!

Since I'm the one taking all of the risk, NOT YOU.  Why not  get your copy of
"THE Ultimate Super Self Confidence For


You will  spend hundreds of dollars on  hair, makeup, teeth whitener, uniforms, classes, props, exercise, diet and coaching.  All of those things will help you with the physical side of cheerleading and will only get you so far. But spending money and time working on the mental side of cheerleading  will propel you to where you want to be as a cheerleader in record time.

Yes, Chris... Go Ahead And Send Me This Life Changing
Program – So I Can Begin  Using The Power Of
My Subconscious Mind To Give Me Self Confidence
and Self Esteem For Cheerleading and In Ways I Never Even Knew I Could!

Like all my work, this one-of-a-kind program is fully
backed by a 100% unconditional money back
guarantee. If you feel this product has not produced
notable life enhancement for you AT ANYTIME EVER let us know, and
you can have your money refunded – all of it – no
questions asked. (minus shipping and handling)

"The Ultimate Super Self Confidence For

Is Available
As an mp3  DOWNLOAD and CD
You get both

Most cheerleaders begin to feel, think and behave more confidently
starting immediately
both in cheerleading and in everyday life.

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