Get In the Zone
Mental Game training and Mental Toughness Training is the best kept secret in competitive sports.
There are a variety of ways to get yourself into the zone for sports the best way is  by using a hypnosis  program  such as one of ours
SCROLL DOWN TO SEE  SEVERAL  SPORTS VIDEOS  on  how to  "get in the zone" using hypnosis.
Pete was my mentor and trainer. I use all of his techniques in my work with athletes.   Watch these videos. Call me at 775-425-5847 with any questions because the  telephone number and email show at the beginning of his videos is now defunct.  Pete was based in Los Angeles and I formerly lived there. I'm now in Reno Nevada but  work with athletes in ever sport by phone using hypnosis to help you  train  your mental game. I only need to hear an athlete and they need to hear me. We don't need to  see one another in order to get you great results  training your mental game.

So now are you ready to get into the zone for your sport?
Here on a sports show, Pete discusses the role of the subconscious mind in an athletes sports performance.
Here's a TV news story briefly discussing how an athlete can use their own sports psychology to break free of negative mental programming and program their mind using hypnosis. There's a few clips of  major  league baseball players who were clients on this video too.  They used hypnosis and hypnotherapy before every game to get in the zone.
This sports clip talks about  getting the winning edge in sports. Dallas Cowboys Bill Bates discusses how he used hypnosis to get himself "in the zone" before football games. You can use hypnosis for any sport.
Here you will see an entire team using  hypnosis  to "get in the zone" and program themselves with positive self belief focus and dominance before  games.
Sports Hypnotist Pete Siegel is hypnotizing  Raiders Kicker for  peak performance and flipping on "the zone"
so he could be focused on success.  IT WORKED!
More demonstrations showing Sports Hypnotist Pete Siegel  using hypnosis for sports with a football team.
Hypnosis for hockey!  Here  LA Kings hockey player Dean Kennedy discusses how he used hypnosis to help him turn on and get into  the zone and play hockey with peak performance.   Just a great example of hypnotism in sports
Getting in the zone for tack.   You need your mind body and soul all in accordance.  Here is a great story
showing a hypnosis session with an Olympic  track athlete. You will see how a track athlete  hurdling specifically turns on the zone using hypnosis with  emotional fuel. Using hypnosis this hurdling athlete used  mental training to get more than he knew was possible.  Hypnosis and being able to switch on "the zone"gave him the extra edge on the track. You will also be able to do the same for yourself in any sport.