Golf Tips Confidence On The golf Course
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Golf Tips, & How To Have More Confidence on The Golf Course
What Part Of Your Self
Do You Bring Onto The Golf Course?

By Peter C. Siegel, Golf Hypnotherapist.
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    What’s the difference between the you who plays golf at peak levels - smooth, fluid, and efficient — and the you who is choppy, in-consistent, and “heavy”, unsure and tentative when he plays golf?

    Why sometimes can you play a 185 yards in, second cut rough lie 6 iron with such emotional clarity and effortless precision, you wind up 8 inches from the cup?  While other times when you golf, the very same shot is accompanied by noticeable tension, blurred vision, and an encumbering sense of trying, that produces a big chunk divot, and winds up 15 yards short of the green?

    Why sometimes does your driver and putter seem to be mysteriously “working” all round long?  While other times you feel like your driver and putter are “enemies” you’re doing “battle” with -- “enemies” you’re seemingly fighting against in a “war” to remain in control, and produce the kind of results you really know you can - and without question - should produce when you golf?

    Why?  What’s responsible for these two “night & day” conditions?  It has to do with what part of yourself you bring out onto the golf course.

    With each positive condition cited above, you’re naturally on confidence/execute play mode; with each shot you establish an outcome, decide upon your execution strategy, and then just smoothly, confidently do it.

    With the negative conditions I cited, you’re in a think/calculate/consciously control and try to make it happen mode; with each shot you over-think, over-consider too many options, and just “hope” (fueled by un-sureness) you can pull it off.
    How many times has this negative condition plagued you (no doubt too many times)?  And you already know this condition is fraught with tension, and the driving purpose of not messing up, not missing the mark, and not failing (as opposed to just comfortably striving to succeed).
    How great would it be if you could spend more time on the golf course embodying the positive condition?  How great would it be if you could mobilize this positive part of you, so this part hit your tee shot at the first - and then continued to play on all round through?
    Hmmm…nice to consider, huh; let me give you some sound counsel to help move you in this direction.
Connecting With The Positive, Capable Part Of You as a Golfer
So Your True Ability Can Express All Round Through

Recall the very last time when, before you even hit the pre-round practice range, you knew, knew, you would have a solid, successful round that day.  Something within just let you “know”, indeed, likely “told” you you’d play smoothly, efficiently, and successfully all round long.  And you had a sense you were going to have a really good golf day; you just felt this easy confidence and expectancy comfortably flowing through you.

Isolate this time clearly in your mind, and notice exactly what you thought, felt, assumed, and what you were inwardly saying to yourself.
Next, once this time is clear and vivid in your mind, think these thoughts…now.  Feel these same feelings…now.  Assume what you assumed…now.  Say to yourself what you were inwardly communicating then…now.
And as you continue replicating these thoughts, feelings, assumptions, and inner communication, pinch your left thumb and index finger together (and hold it pinched), and pick one word that you feel represents you thinking, feeling, assuming, and inwardly communicating this positive way.  (And say this word to yourself 3 consecutive times.)  For example, your word might be “Confidence” or “Success”, or “Player”, etc.

After you’ve mentally repeated your key word 3 times, continue to keep your fingers pinched while thinking, feeling, assuming, and inwardly communicating as the positive you for 15 more seconds.  Then, s-l-o-w-l-y un-pinch your fingers, and breathe easily and comfortably.
You’ve now established an activation cue to bring forth the positive you.  Then, you can just pinch your fingers firmly and mentally exclaim your key word before your round, and before each shot you play, to keep the positive you activated, energized, and emotionally consistent during your round.
“Wait a minute” you may say; “it’s as easy as that ?”  Yes -- it’s as easy as that.

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