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Golfers Use This Mental Game Training Program And You'll
Master The Fundamentals
Of Golf's Mental Game...
I Guarantee This Program
Will Help You Start Playing
Your Best Golf...Ever!

Just Look At What This
Incredible Golf  Mental Game Training Program Has For You !
Hello, and thank you for your interest in the Super Mental Toughness For Golf program.
Many years of research and application have gone into developing this mental game self coaching golf program. Hey...I
already know how important golf is to you because you're a serious player. I also know how
motivated you are to do all you can so your true skills become finely honed, enabling you to play
at your best...consistently!

I've been coaching pro players on the mental game of golf  now for 25 years in my private practice. And from a depth
of clinical experience, I've isolated the critical factors necessary for you to master the
fundamentals of golf's all important mental game.

You already know how essential your mind is to playing at your best, and to making your best,
even better. Literally the inner game of golf is what determines the quality of the outer game. So
let me tell you that this unique program provides you all you need to know, and the specific tools
and strategies enabling you to master the fundamentals of golf's mental game, so you get more
out of yourself - consistently - than you've ever experienced before!

The program includes a 45 page manual in which I take you, step by step, through the 8
specific fundamental factors essential to succeeding with the mental aspect of golf.

Each factor is presented in a way that allows you to easily cultivate and master it, with specific
instructions on using the techniques detailed during your practice, and actual playing rounds.
The Super Mental Toughness For Golf manual finishes with a 5 aspect pre-round success
element checklist you go through to ensure you're inwardly set to play your best golf possible.

This comprehensive system also includes a 2 program audio (available in CD OR MP3format) entitled
Golfing Mega-Success Programming. Side A is a verbal/narrative version used the night before
your round to subconsciously condition the affinity to express peak playing skills, confidence, and
sustained mental toughness...during your entire round.
Side B is a subliminal version of Side A I have you use in your car, as a success expectation
builder, as you drive to your course. (Detailed instructions are included for using each audio
This program is comprehensive, deeply informative, easy to apply, and mega-results targeted.
It gives you bottom line, proven methods that let you master the foundational mental dynamics
involved in you playing your greatest golf. And through using this program, I unconditionally
guarantee you'll consistently play at peak levels...and lower your score!
This mega-results golf mental game coaching  program is now available  Book and
CD $69.95 (plus $10.95 postage and handling). Or get the downloadable book and mp3

Super Mental Toughness
For Golf
This mega-results golf mental game coaching  program is now available 

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golf super toughness for golf mental game hypnosis program
golf super toughness for golf mental game hypnosis program

Super Mental Toughness
For Golf
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