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I've used Pete Siegel's methods for the past five seasons--with tremendous results. They have enabled me to achieve all time highs in playing performance. His methods, like those outlined in this book, have helped me become an A.L. All-Star.

Damion Easley
Second Baseman/Detroit Tigers -- All-Star

I've personally seen the impact Pete Siegel's confidence building methods have had upon Philadelphia Flyers players when I was an assistant coach there, and upon L.A. King players when we recently brought him in to work with the whole team.

He gets results. And his methods produce solid positive results for pro players.

Andy Murray
Head Coach/Los Angeles Kings

This book is a blueprint to help you develop commanding personal power to enrich your life. Use it and thrive!

Joe Weider - Chairman of the Board/Weider Publications
Publisher: Muscle & Fitness, Shape, Flex, Men's Fitness, Natural Health, Jump

The Building Super Confidence program is incredible. Since using Pete Siegel's method, my closing ratio has increased dramatically. 1999 was my best year by far. I attribute this to the specific techniques I have learned from Pete.

Many have personally experienced or witnessed others who have tapped into a Power infinitely beyond their own. And we want to know the source of that power. Search carefully and within these pages Pete will direct you to that source of Power. If you find and embrace it, your life will be changed-Forever.

Dustin Rubeck
President/The Christian Network (The Worship Television Network)

Tremendous confidence is required to take ability and bring it to the level of champion. This type of confidence must be worked at and trained; the Building Super Confidence program provides a system to help you develop the confidence of a champion!

Shelly Finkel
Adviser/Manager - Mike Tyson, Pernell Whitaker

Excellence can only be achieved through the complete mental/physical application of self...without compromise. This book provides you a step by stem progression for developing the key mental component to excellence -- solid, unwavering confidence.

In fact, Pete Siegel's methods have impressed me to a degree where I now use them personally, and have applied them within my coaching of players.

Bob Casullo
Special Teams Coach/Oakland Raiders

My first three hours with Pete Siegel helped break down personal performance barriers I spent over 30 years constructing, bringing to the light not only a new world of potential, but a greater appreciation for the abilities that have brought me this far along my surfer's path. And like a good wave, it never has to end; with his book and teachings, the energy can flow throughout a lifetime.

Sam George
Professional Surfer, author, Editor In Chief/Surfer Magazine

As one of the school sites instructional leaders, I must stay focused on the fundamentals of quality teaching, setting high academic standards, and ensuring accountability measures for all students.

I believe the "Siegelisms" contained in Building Super Confidence will empower our students of today and citizens of tomorrow to set strictly positive goals, and then strive toward achieving their full potential. Indeed, this book can help students move toward reaping all that life has to offer.

Character also counts, and students will be well served by the "It's not OK to give up; never say I 'can't'--say 'teach me now!'" strategies Mr. Siegel outlines.

There is no substitute for quality; this book provides the student with the kind of quality they can use to enrich and enhance their lives!

David C. Mallchok
Assistant Principal/Eucalyptus School, Hawthorne, CA

Whether it's an impending marathon or million dollar corporate deal that causes self doubt and fear to impede your best performance, Pete Siegel's Building Super Confidence is the solution. For any woman trying to break new ground, Pete's program will definitely empower you with the confidence it takes.

This is no psychoanalytical tirade; it's a well-thought, objective approach to building inner strength and stability.

Laura Dayton
Executive Editor/Women's Fitness International

No one is better qualified or more passionate about helping people to build super confidence than Pete Siegel. I would recommend this book to anyone striving to be the best that they can be in life.

Sean Greene
President/Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Company

Pete's brutal honesty, while still being caring and understanding, has helped take my game to the next level. Through his methods, I've come to understand my strengths, and have built up my weaknesses. And in doing so, I have become notably more confident and self-assured -- both on and off the course.

Working with Pete, and using the techniques in Movin' Yourself Further Up The Mountain!© has decidedly helped me improve the quality of my golf game; Pete Siegel's influence has helped me achieve one of my lifelong dreams...making the PGA Tour."

James McLean
PGA tour playing professional

To play your best golf consistently, you need unwavering confidence and focus as much as you do skill with your clubs.

Developing performance strengthening confidence and focus is what Movin' Yourself Further Up The Mountain!© is all about. Pete Siegel's methods help you cultivate these factors efficiently, and decisively.

You go to the driving range and putting green to continually improve with your driver, irons and putter; this book masterfully helps you do the same with your mental game!"

Natalie Gulbis
LPGA Tour Playing Professional

My top golf pro will tell you that the difference between winning and losing on tour is mental toughness. While there are countless golf-instruction books that aim to teach the average golfer how to swing a club better, few offer instructions on how to master golf's mental game. Pete Siegel does just that, providing specific, action-oriented steps and strategies that all golfers can follow before, during and after their round."

Scott Smith
Senior Editor, Instruction/Golf Digest

Pete Siegel turns the complexities of the mind -- and its resultant effects on our bodies -- into a simple, but powerful, way for the rest of us to understand. Better yet, he then shows us how we can master our thoughts and turn them into practical ways that enable us to "climb that mountain" we know as the game of golf.

Rick Johnson
Managing Editor/Natural Golfer magazine

The mental game is golf's last frontier, and Pete Siegel is one of it's cutting edge explorers.

Jaime Diaz
Senior writer/Golf Digest

Pete Siegel's newest program Movin' Yourself Further Up The Mountain!© is completely new and lucid mental instruction for peak performance. It distills the basic fundamentals for playing that rarest type of golf--with absolute confidence every time. No golfer who wishes to play better can afford not to give it their undivided attention.
Colin Sheehan

Senior Editor/The Golfer Magazine

All players sense ability beyond what they usually bring onto the course. Pete Siegel's easy-to-understand, targeted methods help players find and connect with this increased ability within. This book provides serious players with mental/emotional strategies they can use to bring forth and demonstrate this ability... consistently.

Jason Sowards
Editor In Chief/Golf Illustrated

Movin' Yourself Further Up The Mountain!© provides definite methods for mastering the mental side of the game that all golfers, particularly competitive players, can benefit from.

Mike Chwasky
Senior Editor/Golf Tips Magazine

All golfers look for an 'edge' to improve their games. Siegel's program of mastering golf's mental game gives them that, plus!

Bob Koczor
Publisher and Editor/Golf Today Magazine

The truly wonderful part of Siegel's approach to instruction is its simplicity. Siegel's program is a focus on possibilities rather than a flood of physical impossibilities. He provides you lasered mental focus, an edge in improving and competing in the game.

Kirk C. Taylor
Managing Editor/Golfer's Guide

               Advance Praise For "WINNING AT LIFE"©

        Following are quotes we've already received in support of this program.

"Winning At Life" provides a power packed framework of step-by-step "tools" to use that will help you richly connect with people to enjoy a completely rewarding life."

Mark Victor Hansen
Co-creator, #1 New York Times best selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul®
Co-author, The One Minute Millionaire

Peter Siegel's motivational program"Winning At Life"  is an efficient tool that can help readers move away from their painful pasts and guides them toward living a life of love, joy and fulfillment in the present."

John Bradshaw
Author of best-selling books Homecoming and Healing the Shame that Binds You

To climb the success ladder ever higher, you must get the most and best out of yourself—and enlist the support and goodwill of others. "Winning At Life" gives you easy to apply, practical strategies enabling you to accomplish both!"

Robert G. Allen
Author of New York Times best sellers Nothing Down, Creating Wealth, Multiple Streams of Income, Multiple Streams of Internet Income, and co-author of The One Minute Millionaire

"Winning At Life"  gives you a rich and practical framework for making the concept "if you want to change your world, you must first change yourself" richly work for your own behalf."

James Van Praagh
Spiritual Medium
#1 New York Times best-selling author Talking to Heaven

"Are you still longing for the life of your dreams, where you can have all the joy, fulfillment and success that you desire? Or are you simply looking to be the very best you can, always? The remarkable "Winning At Life"  program is the key. In this program you'll discover 26 easy-to-follow secrets to producing the life results you truly want, along with all the reinforcement you need to sustain them."

Sue Quate
Publisher, Vitality magazine

If you're ready for huge change in your personal prosperity, you need Peter Siegel's "Winning At Life" program. His incredible strategies will help you unleash your inner powers and confidence. You'll be able to accomplish more in all aspects of your business, personal, and family life; indeed, what you thought to be impossible will be obtainable!"

Randy Garn
President /Professional Mentoring Group, Inc.


[Here are back cover quotes we've received in support of this program.]

“I’ve trained hard, with a do or die intensity, my whole life. And I’ve certainly reached standout levels of physical development. And now that I’m also training my mind - through the Think & Grow BIG! program - I’m starting to train even harder…with greater force and determination!
Let me tell you something – Pete Siegel’s methods work; they’ll help you move your physique to the next level up!”
Victor Martinez
Mr. Olympia Top 2 Finalist
Winner - 2007 Arnold Classic
GNC Show Of Strength Champion

Pushing yourself so you keep growing and improving demands you apply your inner power, and force of will— completely! This program provides you methods to tap this inner power, and convert it into solid muscular gains; go and make it work for you!
Dorian Yates
5 times Mr. Olympia

If you really want to grow, and become More, a lot  More than you’ve ever been before, you must train your mind as powerfully as you do your body. You must push your mental threshold as forcefully, and as purposefully as you do your muscles; only those who do this will ever reach the champion’s realm! That’s why I give a double thumbs up to Pete Siegel’s “Think & Grow BIG” program; it gives you  the specific strategies, direction, and subconscious power motivation fuel you’ll need to push your mental threshold, so you can decidedly make your muscles...GROW!
Lee Priest
Mr. Olympia top 10 finalist

When I personally worked with Pete Siegel, and used his tapes, I was very satisfied with the results I experienced. His methods helped me  improve, and the approaches he provides in this program will help you advance too!
Lee Haney
8 times Mr. Olympia

After working with Pete Siegel, I went on to win the Mr. America and  Mr. Universe titles in the same year! Pete helped me get more out of myself than I ever had before; his methods make sure your full power and capacity for success become your fact of life!
Mike Christian
Mr. America/Mr. Universe

My feeling of power greatly soared when I worked with Pete Siegel. His techniques will help you get more out of your workouts—and yourself—than you ever have before!
Tom Platz
Mr. Universe

e all have a mind and we more or less use it throughout the days of our lives. In "Think & Grow BIG" Pete Siegel, having examined, experimented with, and revealed its vast resources over many engaging years, demonstrates how we can tap into our mind's extraordinary  power, and shows us direct and fascinating roadways to bring forth our muscular potential. The mind is, indeed, a beautiful thing; it's about time we discover it, use it, and delight in it.
Dave Draper
Mr. America, Mr. World, Mr. Universe

If you aspire to be the champion, the very best at your chosen sport, you must seek an edge. This
difference is the one thing that sets apart the greatest - the absolute best - from merely the great. Use your mind to help your body achieve more. Peter Siegel and his work, "Think & Grow BIG" can help you attain those goals. When I was a world prominent competing bodybuilder, Pete's work was invaluable in helping me succeed.
Boyer Coe
Mr. America, Mr. Universe, Mr. World
Grand Prix World Champion

Total confidence and the "LifeBalance" of the mind and body, and a driving will to succeed are essential to getting the greatest impact possible from your workouts. And just like your muscles, these factors can also be developed; this program will show you how!
Cory Everson
6 times Ms. Olympia
Author of "LifeBalance"

I've known Pete Siegel since 1980, and have seen his methods help many bodybuilders win major titles. The "Think & Grow BIG" program provides you Siegel's dynamic, specialized, proven  methodology to converting your mind power into solid muscular gains!
John Balik
Publisher/IRONMAN Magazine

I have personally experienced just how decisive and result producing Pete Siegel's methods are; we've featured his articles and programs numerous times in our Max Sports & Fitness Magazine. I can also tell you that his Think & Grow BIG© program provides you a unique and totally powerful approach to converting your mind power into muscle power...and  muscular growth! They say that "the strongest muscle lies between your ears"; Pete Siegel's Think & Grow BIG© program shows you - step by step - how to train this "strongest muscle", so you can get the most, and best, out of yourself every rep, every set ... every workout!
Sean Greene
President/Max Muscle Sports Nutrition

I've personally seen the effect Pete Siegel's had on magnifying an entire NHL team's performance in practice and in games. His methods naturally help you to push yourself harder, and get more out of your workouts—and yourself!
David Smith
Head Trainer/
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Florida Panthers - N.H.L.

This program provides unique, and proven self-motivating techniques enabling athletes in any sport who work out with weights to maximize their results. It thoroughly details how to use your mind to move your physical development efforts - and muscular gains - to the next level!
Peter Demers, A.T.C.
Head Trainer/Los Angeles Kings - N.H.L.

Note from Chris Cady:
    Nationally prominent self help author, seminar leader, and personal change specialist, Peter C. Siegel was America's foremost sports and peak performance hypnotherapist. Unfortunately Peter has passed away but his work and his spirit live on.
You can review his acclaimed self help - personal success development - mega-confidence building programs at, or you can call  775-425-5847 to order programs or speak with his protegee, sports hypnotherapist Chris Cady
    The unique, results guaranteed assurance Siegel attaches to each of his programs…continues to stand the test of time!