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The Attitudinal Framework Which
Commands Your Competitive Best!
By Peter C. Siegel, R.H.
Executive Director/PowerMind ©
© Copyright 2004 Peter C. Siegel, R.H. – All Rights Reserved

    This “I Am A Player!” process is designed to help you create the inner framework leading to maximum competitive impact.  Through applying this process as outlined, you’ll be subconsciously programming success tendencies involving each of the following issues:
Competitive Outlook
Competitive Identity
Competitive Work Ethic

Sense of Being Responsible for Your Life, and Your Results
Taking Initiative
Capacity for Performance Excellence, and Improved Levels of Effectiveness
Willingness to Strive, Take-Charge, and Prevail
Literally, you’ll not just be reading a “sort” of detailed overview of the way you’d “like” yourself to be as a player.  With each successive reading and performing of this process, you’ll be inwardly structuring yourself so the words you’re about to read steadily, decisively become…You! 
Your overall thoughts and perceptions as a player will serve to influence your outcomes in every aspect of your competitive involvement—from the results you achieve in your practices, to the levels of proficiency and effectiveness you register in games. 
As such, you’ll now take measures to fold motivated, self-reliant, success-creating performance inclinations into your consciousness – at a level, and in a manner, where the ideas you’re about to read steadily become the framework of self-perceptions you embrace as an athlete--a Player!
[*  Read the following instructions first in their entirety.  Then use this process exactly as outlined.]
Before retiring at night:
1)    S-l-o-w-l-y read each of the following performance identity strengthening ideals with a strong, positive emotional emphasis, as if you’re saying “This is now the way it is for me!”  And to the best of your ability, f-e-e-l the ideas and meaning of each paragraph, savoring the richness of sensation you inwardly experience as you read each ideal.
2)    After reading each ideal, then close your eyelids and graphically:
SEE what it means/represents to you…
FEEL what it means/represents to you…
SENSE the performance impact you know you’d generate – exactly as you sense you would – if the ideal were your instinctive, singular nature – RIGHT NOW!
3)    Spend about 2-3 minutes with this inward feeling/sensing/visioning after you read each ideal, then move directly into the next one.
    When you’ve finished with the last ideal (#17), you’ll be experiencing the cumulative sensory effects gleaned through engaging each ideal (as outlined) in sequence.  Then, continuing to feel the confidence, strength, and sense of ability you’re experiencing from having read #’s 1 – 17, imaginatively project yourself into an upcoming competitive situation—a practice or game situation—you know you’ll be engaging.  And as the emotional and perceptual embodiment of ideals #’s 1 – 17, imaginatively experience yourself engaging and interacting within the situation, demonstrating and wholly reflecting all the performance and identity attributes #’s 1 – 17 set forth.  And as the embodiment of this peak playing mentality and power engaging this upcoming situation, let yourself graphically, definitively notice:
What you do…
How you do it…
What you say…
How you say it…
The reactions of others toward you…
How you see you because of being and acting as this perceptual forcefulness…
How you feel about you because of being and acting as this perceptual forcefulness…
Results your efforts produce…
How you perceive what you can do, and what you sense deeply you will do because of being this perceptual forcefulness…
Exactly what your overall outcome is…
Then, after completing this “I Am A Player!” mental programming exercise (as outlined), s-l-o-w-l-y inhale, exhale slowly through your mouth … and just allow your mind to grow clear, relaxed, and at ease.
Then, savoring the richness of visual, auditory and kinesthetic sensations connected with engaging this process, just easily allow yourself to naturally glide into a deep and restful slumber.
I encourage you to perform this process as outlined for 10 – 12 consecutive days.  Then, use it whenever you want to or feel you need to.  Performing this process for 10 – 12 consecutive days will serve to imbed and reinforce the upcoming playing identity attitude success factors.  Here, with each consecutive day’s use new, positive, empowering performance ideals and propensities continually become more unconsciously integrated—so what you think, and what you do, continues to strengthen and advance.
During a practice or game, if you ever sense yourself slipping, backing down, or reduced in your mental/physical intensity and/or approach, gently close your eyelids, and mentally exclaim, “I Am A Player!” with passion and decisiveness.  The feelings and ideals of #’s 1 – 17 will then begin to freely flow through you.  Then let your eyelids open, and resume your activity – and be the performance composite #’s 1 – 17 suggest.
The entire process (as outlined) should take you 25 – 30 total minutes to complete.
And so now, you’ll infuse your mentality with peak performance identity ideals.  Go ahead now with conviction and resolve; make it happen…for YOU!
1.)        I am a player.  I step up to the plate, the tee, the line of scrimmage, and into the ring, knowing the only real thing I can believe in—the only real thing I have is me, and my thoughts, my feelings, my level of readiness, my level of determination, my level of ability, my faith in myself – and in what’s possible…and what I’m going to do about the outcome, the goal, and the competitive mission which I’ve willfully determined to pursue.

2.)        I know the future is never a guarantee; the only thing I can say something surely about, and do something surely about, is the now of my life—and all subsequent nows I engage, while I’m engaging them.  These moment to moment personal involvements are the only things I can do something about -- the only things I want to do something about.  For as I remain wholly involved and resolved in each of my nows, that’s when I become a master of my nows.  And through this practice, I make my nows - each and every one of them - work for, serve, and produce for me; indeed, this type focus converts them into steps which continually move me higher up upon the staircase leading to my ultimate success.
        I see the now, feel the now, wholly focus upon and perform in the now…Indeed, I am the now…step after step, time after time.

3.) I make myself as ready as I can…I do all I can, all I should—developing and evolving myself into who, and what, I sense I can be.  I am never complacent, indeed, I am truthfully never satisfied.  I am temporarily content with the excellence and success I may demonstrate along my way; but I know that whatever I do, I can do more, I want to do more…yea, I must do more…

4.)        I keep cultivating and developing myself so the pure player in me can continue to perform more decisively, more effectively, and more consistently masterfully.  Literally, for me there is no time off; there is only the road I’ve chosen to travel, and how much further along it I believe I can--and choose to go.
        The further I go, the harder I must train.  The further I go, the tougher I must become.  The further I go, the more commanding my focus, and wisdom, and power must become. 
        I determine how far down the road I will travel…indeed, fueling my physical and muscular power is secondary to fueling this journey -- spiritual fierceness is the key - the real key - which will sustain my journey, indeed, command the relentless, passionate, compelling advancement of my pursuit.

5.)        In all I engage, I know what I want, what I want to produce, and what I’m striving to do…And I’m wholly with - and connected to - myself as I do what I do; I’m always focused on what I want, need, will do, and will or am striving to demonstrate.
        I exclusively do what I do while I’m doing it.  I see what is before me, and my instinct is for present time action impact, throughout the duration of my entire personal involvement.  Indeed…I am a moment to moment unfoldment as I play?mentally, physically, emotionally knowing my purpose, locked-in upon my performance expression…striving to convert each moment into the materialization of my mission.
I am one who is positively, purposefully, self-ish.  I flow along with my individual pursuit a driving sense of commitment, and passion, and locked-in focus which compels me to excel, to succeed, to triumph -- to advance…I am all I am within all I do, projecting neither into the past, nor into the future, but commanding and navigating the impact of my every move as the bridge over which I continually travel into the what will be for me.

6.)        As I look at others I perform with or against, I feel equal to the task?equal to the challenge…I am always focused on what I can do, what I will do, what my purpose is, and the result I shall produce.  This way, others are not my focus?my intent is the scope of my selective awareness; I just do what I set out to, pushing myself, believing in myself, commanding myself forth…sustaining the intensity and the focus, and the will, and the drive to keep playing…and to honor the commitment to individual triumph which I embrace as my foundation for involvement, indeed, my consuming motive for playing.
        There are “others,” and there is me; what I do, what happens to me, what I come to experience, does not rest upon “others”.  No--the destiny I choose, and the glory I seek, depends upon, indeed, will always depend upon…me!
        I do not compare myself to others, I wholly focus upon my outcome--where I’m at in relation to it, and what I must continue doing in order to ultimately achieve it.  I do not look to others to do it for me ? I can, and I always want to, do it for myself!

7.)        I thoroughly trust my ability - my capacity to do things, to do things effectively, and to do things effectively consistently.  I keep reminding myself of what I’ve done in the past--that I can do things, and do them well and successfully…And because I kept practicing and applying myself, I can, and naturally will do them even more effectively…now?that’s right, N-O-W!
        I know my ability has directly evolved from my efforts to improve…my workouts, my training, my practice, my mental visioning, my faith, and my conviction, indeed, compulsion to continue advancing and succeeding are what ensures my progress…
        Few others will ever understand my drive, or my need.  This is why I don’t “just” practice…I am the practice, I am the training, I am the workout, I am the strengthening, and fortifying, and increasing which refines me, which hones my skills, which galvanizes my mental/physical connection…and moves me to generate performance impact behaviors which are ever stronger, more commanding, and are more decisively superior within the sphere and the realm where my efforts are expressed!
        Everything I do, in some way, makes me better.  Everything I do, everything I think, leads me on to ever more comprehensively apply myself.  Everything I am communicates unequivocally that I am not the “average”, I am not the “ordinary”, I am not here to just be good…my life is a force of constant evolving power, which instinctively takes those measures which unfold into striking demonstrations of commanding, definitive, masterful performance impact!

8.)        And I know that there is no certain thing other than me, and my energy, and my faith, and what I determine to think, feel, see, expect…and believe.
        The thoughts of others are the thoughts of others, they’re not mine.  The ideas of others are the ideas of others, they’re not mine.  The attitudes of others are the attitudes of others, they’re not mine.  The vision of others is the vision of others, it’s not mine.  The outlooks of others are the outlooks of others...they’re not mine.  The sense of what is possible embraced by others is the sense of what is possible that others embrace…it is not my sense.
        I determine what happens to me…my thinking, my efforts, my faith, and work ethic and the ideas I embrace are what converts my life power into the tangible results I see.
        Therefore, I choose to wholly “bet” on, invest in, and depend upon me…No other person really knows me like I do; no other person can get done for me what I want, and know I must.  I know that to look within myself…and to believe in myself, and to take matters upon myself (as much as is possible) is really the most practical, self-honoring gift I can bestow upon me.  No, I don’t “pass the ball” here…I tuck it in tightly under my arm and I run with it.  I may get “hit”, I may get “tackled”, I may even “fumble” -- and I also may go all the way and “score”.  Either way, I’ll learn each time, refine myself, strengthen my approach, and will get and run solo with the “ball” again! 
        I may listen to the advice and/or wisdom of another who I respect or trust…the perceptions of those who’ve proven to me they understand things deeply enough to help me get my job done.  But it’s my job, and it will always just be this way for me.
9.)        And as I take my world wholly upon my shoulders, I know it won’t be easy; I know and accept I’ll have to keep working, training, practicing, and learning?all the time learning…even when times are good, even when times are bad.  There are reasons for both the good and the bad.  And I’ll keep an open mind so I’ll know what these reasons are for me, so I can ever more so precisely master them.
        Then, I truly can move myself to be the reason - my reason - and continually strengthen and build this reason to produce the results, and the future - now - that I choose to believe represents what I’m truly capable of!
        I can only think for more, train for more, live for more; I can only truly advance and impact me—and indeed, this is the only point of focus that matters to me.  So now I just test and push myself with this fervor…taking the initiative and responsibility I must?with the faith I must—so I continue to unfold and expand this me who I know can             - and will - get the job done!
        I know I really can’t control anything but this all of my mind, spirit, and heart.  And I realize that when I do, and as I purposefully do, that’s the only way I can become the overwhelming force of truth, and power, and sovereign competitive dominance that lies within me now as an awaiting to be ever more accessed and expressed potential.
        Through living, believing, and committing to this putting it all upon me, by me…that’s when I most - and best - feel in control of what goes on within, and around me?in the game, and in my life!

10.)        And the challenge before me – this competitive challenge I willingly expose myself to - really isn’t a challenge…it’s the decision I’ve made to extend the all of me toward producing a result, and level of impact I believe I CAN!
        Obtaining my ultimate reward demands I face and accept the challenge as my opportunity to apply my faith, and my will, and my power to produce a result I know I can accomplish, and decisively, magnificently bring forth!

11.)        I’m really not playing or performing against the “odds,” or against others, or against conditions, or for others who want or expect me to…I play for one reason only ? to assert the full realm of my choice to generate the magnitude of my power and ability to produce my outcome…my way…the best I can, and know how to -- for me!
        I’m not out there for the pats on the back, the acceptance of others, to be recognized as worthy, or to “show ‘em” ; I’m out there for me, to do my thing, my way…yea, to wholly demonstrate what I have, what I can do, indeed, what I am?and what I know the strength, power, will, and forcefulness of life vested within me is capable of!

        Yes, I do it for me -- I do it my way, and I do it all the way.  There is no holding back, looking back, or turning back ? I just keep on going, strengthened from each experience, empowered through the rigor, refined through the effort…evolved because of - and through - each ordeal.

12.)        I will either think, and believe God created me for a certain special reason?and that He put within me the drive, the urge, and the will to press on as I do…or I won’t.  And I do!
        In all I say, and in all I do, and in all I think, and in all I am…I strive to ever more so justify the life and power God has invested within me…I’m not here to be “ordinary” -- I’m here to prepare for, train for, to develop myself, and to command myself forth into the “extraordinary”…I don’t just “try”, or “wish”, or idly “dream”.  No?I do it…and I make it happen; I strive to be the uncommon one who commits to materializing my faith, and my vision regarding what can be done - and what I can do!

13.)        I can not “fail” I can only learn.  I can not be beat, I can only recognize factors where I must become stronger so I can prevail.  I can not be ashamed, I can only realize the more that must be evolved for me to ultimately come to stand atop the mountains peak, gloriously triumphant.  I can not “lose” -- I can only either decide “That’s all there is within me”…or, if I feel, indeed, know there is more within me, what I will - and must further do - to bring and extend it forth!
        I know it’s not going to be easy…and it’s going to take the developmental and faith time that’s necessary.  My victory - my glory - will be a struggle, a constant learning experience?a situation where I must continually subject myself to circumstances and conditions which, by virtue of their challenge, demand that I bring more out of myself if I’m to ever master and transcend them.  Yea--I know I must, therefore subject myself further to those situations that:

Can and will strengthen me
Can and will build and empower my character
Can and will evolve my levels of wisdom and understanding
Can and will broaden, shape, and refine my skills
Can and will increase my sense of purpose and resolve
Can and will advance my understanding of truly what I can be,
and can be for me!

14.)        I must be like the log willing to have itself thrown upon the flames, knowing that only from the fire’s intense heat can it ever truly strengthen to become a force.  I am like this log -- and though the flames may “burn” me…from the pain unfolds the progress!

15.)        The acorn must endure the struggle and unfoldment of it’s purpose, and any demands, obstructions, or resistance it’s environment may impose, so ultimately it comes reign undaunted as a majestic, fully developed, and might oak tree.  The acorn does not wonder or worry about transcending any obstruction it may face, it just unfolds and evolves on according to its naturally programmed purpose; it meets every challenge with the force necessary to keep on with its quest…and to ultimately flourish as it’s naturally designed to.

16.)        And like the acorn, I too just keep on with my quest…meeting up, facing up, bracing up, and taking always that one more step on toward the full, striking embodiment of the mastery and conquest I deeply feel - and know - I am designed to manifest!

17.)        My world is an extension of my thoughts.  My level of performance is an extension of the sum total of my beliefs, my decision, my effort, and my faith. 
        My persistence in moving myself into realms few, if any, will ever be able to understand, is a manifestation of the ideals, principles, and potentials I embrace as true…
        My glory - all of the fullness, and richness, and brilliance that I may come to demonstrate forth - is an application of my strength, my will, my faith, and how I choose to regulate and direct the all I am, the all of me…the all that I deeply know within I am supposed to be…

Yes--“I Am A Player!”

   Note from Chris Cady:
    Nationally prominent self help author, seminar leader, and personal change specialist, Peter C. Siegel was America's foremost sports and peak performance hypnotherapist. Unfortunately Peter has passed away but his work and his spirit live on.
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