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You get 13 information packed chapters which help you thoroughly master the mental demands critical to your
increased muscle growth and physical power gains...starting now! These heretofore “mental secrets” the bodybuilding magazines haven’t told you are, chapter by chapter, revealed and thoroughly detailed for you. And each chapter gives  you a specific, easy to apply process or strategy enabling you to either cultivate or fully master the factor being  addressed.

Let me tell you, mastering these “mental secrets” will spell a rapid difference for you in terms of continuing to go on the  way you" have been” as opposed to beginning to notice new, decisive, totally self-empowering muscular growth and strength increases! There’s no guesswork for you; you just read through and perform each chapter’s exercise as outline and then go on to enjoy new, commanding size, strength, and workout performance levels as a result. And,hey -- my promise to you here is unconditionally guaranteed! You will only gain with this system...and gain BIG!


Introduction: Your State Of Mind Becomes Your State
And Your State Of Life!.........................................1

Chapter 1: What Part Of Yourself Do You Bring Into The Gym?
(The Part That Hopes & Tries Or The Part That Can!)
................................................................................................. 9

Chapter 2: Forging The Maximum Muscular You Attitude,
Identity, And Character Foundation............................................................................. 12

Chapter 3: Success Track…And Ensure You Stay There!)....................................................... 21

Chapter 4: Peak Performance Workouts
(How To Get Yourself Goin’ So You Make Yourself
Start Growin’!
............................................................................................................ 33

Chapter 5: Muscle Into Life!
(Apply The Power You’ve Used To Build Your Body
To Now Powerfully Build Your Life!).
........................................................................... 42

Chapter 6: Pushin' Your Belief Threshold Into New Growth Inducing Realms
(The Increase In Size And Power You Can Achieve, Is Directly Linked To What You Believe!).................................................................. 57

Chapter 7: Never Say “Won’t”
(Training For Mega-Growth, Power And Density
Strictly Within The Realm Of Will!)........................ 68

Chapter 8: Forging The Power Mind Of A Champion

(The Mental Training Elements Which Move You Toward
Decisive Muscular Results…Every Time You Train!)............................................. 78

Chapter 9: Super Training Performance Self-Talk

(How To Talk Yourself Into Meeting & Mastering
The Iron’s Every Demand!)
........................................................................................... 90

Chapter 10: Pre-Sleep Peak Muscular Success Motivation Strengthening
(Fueling The Drive For Herculean Achievement
Through Success Visual Scripting)  100

Chapter 11: Every Time You Think You Can’t, You Must!

(How To Forever Break Through The Chains
That Bind Your True Muscular Potential!
)................................................................. 106

Chapter 12: Sky High Confidence
(Bringing Forth The Feeling Of Power,
So You MakeYour Muscles - And Life - Say Yes…
To You!).................................. 116

Chapter 13: The Mental Set Of Greatness
(Supplanting The Desire To Just Be “Good”,
With The Driving Compulsion To Become
Extraordinary!)..................................... 135

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The difference between “Ok”, or even “good” physical development -- and notable, standout muscular size and power, is as much mental, as it is physical. The progress and improvement my work has helped so many in bodybuilding enjoy, clearly proves this point. And now, I’ll help you develop the commanding Power Mind which rapidly moves you into mega-muscular gains and incredible physical power increases!

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Incredible Bonus Manuals, And Life Impact Strengthening MP3 Downloads Absolutely FREE! (A

Incredible Bonus Manuals, And Life Impact Strengthening MP3 Downloads Absolutely FREE! (A
$109.90 Value – These Bonus Manuals, And MP3 Downloads Alone Are Worth More Than The Price
I'm Asking For The "Steppin' Up To Mega-Muscle And Power!" e-Book. And They're All Yours FREE
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BONUS #1: Gustavo Badell: Love Of Training, Love Of Life, Pursuit Of Excellence.
Ironman’s David Young presents a truly revealing interview with this super popular Mr. Olympia top 3 finalist (Comprehensive, detailed interview transcript. A $9.95 value, FREE!) Gustavo Badell is no longer an “up and comer”; he’s one of the worlds top muscular men! Coming on strong from way back in the bodybuilding pack, he’s
now distinguished himself as a truly dedicated winner. And when you read about his attitude, diet approach, and workout routine in this interview, you’ll clearly see the big picture regarding what it takes to become a champion.

BONUS #2: Bill Pearl’s Acclaimed Approach To Muscularity And Fitness.
A Rare And Information Packed Interview By Rob Cooper With Bodybuilding Legend Bill Pearl (Comprehensive, detailed interview transcript. A $19.95 value, FREE!) Bill Pearl is truly a bodybuilding icon, indeed, a legend. A former Mr. America, and five time Mr. Universe, his physique and degree of muscular development has
been an inspiration to scores worldwide throughout the years. Even today, in his 70’s, Bill possesses the health and physique of a man half his age. You’ll discover Bill’s proven workout and nutrition secrets for building peaked, and quality muscle! You’ll learn from the master…and will be able to maximize your personal gains!

BONUS #3: “Little” Big Man Dexter Jackson (aka - The Blade!).
Ironman’s David Young gets this Mr. Olympia top 3 finalist , and standout champion, to open up about nutrition and training for maximum success. (Comprehensive, detailed interview transcript. A $9.95 value, FREE!) Dexter
Jackson is one of the most muscled, ripped, and peaked short class bodybuilders in the world. His mass, symmetry, and definition is right up there with the best of the best, You’ll really enjoy his open minded honesty and candor about what works best for him – and what he does in his efforts to always improve. This interview includes his full diet and workout routine.

BONUS  BONUS #4: Peter C. Siegel, R.H.: The Mind In Bodybuilding – The Power Within You
Ironman’s David Young conducts this rare and exclusive interview with America’s foremost sports hypnotherapist Pete Siegel. Siegel reveals some incredible secrets to his 26 years of helping bodybuilders master their mental game, so they go on to win major world titles.  (Comprehensive, detailed interview transcript. A $19.95 value, FREE!)

This 2 part interview gives you eye opening, info packed insight into the man who  single handedly – taught the world of bodybuilding how to think, and grow BIG!

BONUS #5: Clarence Bass: Nutritional And Training Guidelines For Burning Fat,
And Bringing Out Lean, Detailed, Razor Sharp Muscularity. An Incredible Interview By Rob Cooper With The Master Of Getting “Ripped” (Comprehensive, detailed interview transcript. A $19.95 value, FREE!) Since 1980,
Clarence Bass has been educating bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts on advanced nutritional directions which burn fat, improve health, and enhance performance. The author of 8 books, and hundreds of published magazine articles, this interview will clear up any ”confusion” you may have about what to eat, and what not to, so you can
reduce body fat, and feed lean, defined muscle mass.

Point by point nutrition, aerobics, and weight workout info is revealed in a way enabling you to make targeted improvements, and achieve your personal body fat % goal!

A wealth of information you’ll be using for years to come!

BONUS #6: Two MP3 Success Programming Audio Downloads
"Take Charge – And Move Yourself To Conclusively Triumph!”
Program #1: Ultra Success Commanding Attitudes And Mind-Sets
Program #2: Go For It – Power Motivation For Extreme Personal Achievement
Wow! These two recordings directly help you turn on, and magnify your personal power. The only way to describe these two recordings is: Target confidence, determination, and performance strengthening (and vitalizing) subconscious success programming!

When used as per included instructions, these life and workout empowering recordings help you naturally strive to produce extraordinary personal increase, and truly unparalleled degrees of personal success and achievement. Now…you’ll richly infuse your mind with the specialized ideas, suggestions, and success inducing scenarios directly leading to your personal advance and improvement – in the gym, and out!

A $29.95 value, yours FREE (full instructions for use are included).

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Dear Bodybuilding friend,
Take A Moment Here And Really Think About Your Current Bodybuilding Results...

Are you getting all you can? Are you getting  all you know you should - out of yourself every rep, every set, every workout?

If not, why not?

Is your confidence, motivation, discipline, focus and sense of capacity for serious improvement  & muscular
growth  where it should be?

Is it where you know that you need it to be, in-order for you to start making mega-gains in the gym?

If not, why not?

Are you naturally mentally programmed to exert the magnitude workout intensity and drive which contracts even
the deepest underlying fibers of the muscle you train -- the intensity and drive which literally blasts you into the
advanced realms of muscular size and power?

If not, why not?

Even though you say that you train “hard”, try “hard”, and  workout consistently…do you find it seems you’re sort of
just “going through the motions” - seemingly “stuck” at levels of “same old, same old”?

Or are you “Ok” but not seeing or feeling  that you’re making the kind of progress  that you sense you should?

If so, why?

Are you finding  that reaching your muscle building goals seems to be elusive – that thick, muscle studded physique, riveting with mass and power you see others in your gym possess still seems to be a far off case of “Want it, but, for some reason, aren’t getting it” for you?

If so, why?

Are you becoming more of what you want?

And is your life becoming richer and more powerful because of your training?

Are you growing, increasing, advancing and succeeding in multiple areas of your life because of the power, strength and discipline you’ve developed from your training?

If not, why not?

Now, stop for a moment, and just imagine how commanding you, and your muscular development would be if you
had all the preceding aspects set, and working the way you really wanted them!  


I’m Pete Siegel. And with great pride, I can tell you my decades of experience as the country’s top sports and peak performance hypnotherapist are, through “Steppin’ Up To Mega-Muscle And Power!”,
about to pay you extreme muscular dividends – I'm talking rock solid, mass and power increases...for YOU!

In fact, just take a look at my personal client list to see the volumes of pro athletes, body building champions, and entire pro sports teams I personally work with and consult.

For over 27 years now, through hundreds of my articles published in Muscle & Fitness, Flex, and Ironman, and personally working with so many “unfulfilled potentials” who then went on to win Mr. America, Mr.Universe, Mr. World, Mr. International, and Mr. Olympia titles  I’ve been giving the decisive solutions to the questions I initially asked you. And now, I’m giving you a step by step, breakthrough system so you can develop the inner framework which naturally leads you to truly skyrocketing muscular size and physical power gains!

Your Rapid, And Decisive Muscular Increase Is Guaranteed Here --
Read On And Discover Even More Of What This Exciting Program Gives You!

Through my efforts personally working with so many who went on to become champions (such as Lee Haney–Mr.

Olympia, Tom Platz Mr.Universe, Mike Christian Mr.America/Mr. Universe, Boyer Coe Mr. Universe/Grand Prix

Champion, Ray Mentzer Mr. America, Andreas Cahling Mr. International), I’ve developed tested, proven methods

which directly lead to huge muscular development results. The kind you’ll now begin to personally experience!

Have you been “banging your head against the wall” trying to figure out why the noticeable gains you expect are still lagging -- even though, in the gym, physically you’ve been doing all you know you should?

Let me tell you – it’s not a case of insufficient workout effort, or “bad genes”; it’s a case of mentality and subconscious programming.

Yes. Literally, your current muscle and power building mental programming is not supporting you converting your gym efforts into super charged muscular increase. Surely, not to the degree it can, should, and you want it to.
That is…until now!

Now, The Size, Strength And Power Increases You Really Want
Will Start Becoming Your Muscle Studded, Decisive Reality!

Now, my global results reputation will work full time for you. What would happen if you began thinking, acting, and
believing like an ultra-powerful, standout physique champion? How would your workouts then be different? How would your results then be different? Well…that’s what you’re now going to do – subconsciously think, believe, and mentally approach your training exactly the way the champions do!

Pete Siegel is the world’s most famous, and most prolific result producing sports hypnotherapist. In this 2 part interview you’ll learn about how to convert your mind power into muscle power, the mental power secrets he’s taught to so many top bodybuilders who went on to win Mr. America, Mr. Universe, and Mr. Olympia titles, mental keys to easily sticking to your diet, tips on overcoming emotional self sabotage which constricts your muscular growth …and how to literally train your mind to maximize your workout performance, so you command your body to grow!

  Siegel’s first Muscle & Fitness article appeared in the January 1980 issue, and he’s been motivating, inspiring, and educating bodybuilders on achieving mega-success ever since.

“Steppin’ Up To Mega-Muscle
And Power!” (13 Chapter, 140
Page e-Book, Plus 5 FREE
Incredible Bonus Manuals,
And Two FREE Life Impact
Strengthening MP3 Downloads
For Only $39.95“Steppin’ Up To Mega-Muscle
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Incredible Bonus Manuals,
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Pete Siegle's

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Steppin Up To Mega Muscle & Power
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steppin up to mega muscle and power bodybuilding program peter siegel
13 Chapter
140 Page e-Book, Plus 5 FREE
Incredible Bonus Manuals,
And Two FREE Life Impact
Strengthening MP3 Downloads
For ONLY $39.95

Here’s What  Joe Weider and Champions say about
Peter Siegel's Body Building Programs

Steppin Up To Mega Muscle and Power Starts where  Think and Grow Big Left off...
For years I've published Pete Siegel's articles; he helps you get results. And his new program here combines all the elements enabling anyone serious about working out, and improving, to generate the dynamic personal power which compels their personal best!

"THINK AND GROW BIG" is one of the most complete, detailed, informative book/ audio programs
on mental training for workout peak performance and increasing muscular gains ever written.
  It is literally a step by step system for using your mind to impact your training performance and level of results.
.   Steppin Up To Mega Muscle and Power takes  is based on the results that Peter and his bodybuilders and power lifters got from his work with his first book.  It's absolutely excellent."  
Always strive for excellence!"
Joe Weider
Chairman of the Board, Weider Health & Fitness
Creating Publisher Of: Muscle & Fitness, Flex, Men’s Fitness, Shape, Muscle & Fitness HERS

"Pete Siegel’s level of knowledge and understanding enables you to take what you have… and make it better.
yeah, notably better! This program helps you do just what the title says - step up -- to make new, clearly noticeable muscular gains and improvements!

"This program could as easily have been called “Mind Power Into Muscle Power”, because that’s exactly what Pete gives you. You’ll learn how to activate striking inner strength, ability, and a realm of growth igniting, mega motivation you never even knew you possessed!”
Victor Martinez
Mr. Olympia Top 2 Finalist
Winner - 2007 Arnold Classic
GNC Show Of Strength Champion

"My feeling of power greatly soared when I worked with Pete Siegel. His techniques will help you get more out of
your workouts – and yourself – than you ever have before!"
Tom Platz, Mr. Universe

"After working with Pete Siegel, I went on to win the Mr.America and Mr.Universe titles in the same year! Pete helped me get more out of myself than I ever had before; his methods make sure your full power and capacity for success become your fact of life!"
Mike Christian
Mr. America/Mr.Universe
When I was a world prominent champion competitive bodybuilder, Pete Siegel’s work was invaluable in helping me succeed!
Boyer Coe
Mr. America, Mr.Universe, Mr. World
Grand Prix World Champion

“Steppin’ Up To Mega-Muscle And Power!”
The Bodybuilding Mental Training System  Which Blasts YOU
Into Extreme Workout Performance
And Mind-Blowing Muscular Gains!
Foreward Written By Gunter Schlierkamp Mr. Universe

When I personally worked with Pete Siegel, and used his tapes, I was very satisfied with the results I experienced. His methods helped me improve!
Lee Haney
8 times Mr. Olympia

Pete Siegel gives you the strategies, direction, and subconscious power motivation fuel you’ll need to push your mental threshold so you can decidedly make your muscles…GROW!
Lee Priest
Mr. Olympia Top 10 Finalist

steppin up to mega muscle and power bodybuilding program peter siegel
bodybuilding  steppin up to mega muscle and power by peter siegel
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